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Favorite Animals by Animebaby1223 Favorite Animals :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 0 0 collage of my drawings by Animebaby1223 collage of my drawings :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 1 0 Me by Animebaby1223 Me :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 0 1 Anti-Hate Crimes by Animebaby1223 Anti-Hate Crimes :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 1 2 Mcr Tribute by Animebaby1223 Mcr Tribute :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 0 0 Emo heart couple by Animebaby1223 Emo heart couple :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 1 0 Art Is The Weapon by Animebaby1223 Art Is The Weapon :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 2 0 Music is the voice of the soul by Animebaby1223 Music is the voice of the soul :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 1 0 Punk girl by Animebaby1223 Punk girl :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 3 2 young love by Animebaby1223 young love :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 2 0 1 by Animebaby1223 1 :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 0 0 Sometimes I just want to be left alone by Animebaby1223 Sometimes I just want to be left alone :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 2 0 Winged Love by Animebaby1223 Winged Love :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 2 0 Tattoo Design 2 by Animebaby1223 Tattoo Design 2 :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 1 0 Indestructible Camera! by Animebaby1223 Indestructible Camera! :iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 0 0
Amuto One-Shot
Ikuto's P.O.V.
I am strong. I can handle anything, or so thought. What I couldn't handle was the love of my life and best friend walking away from me right in front of my eyes. She not only walked away but she also died. And it's all my fault. I had always teased her about things. At first it was just for fun but then it grew to something more. She had always thought that I did it for fun and at first that was true, but then it became the only way I could she my love for her.
It really hurts to know that I still had so much to say to her and she still walked away. It's still hard to get up in the morning for school just knowing she's not going to be there because of me. It's even harder to force myself to smile everyday so I don't worry anyone. It's hard not to see her everywhere and in every little thing I do. I always think that maybe if I hadn't met her she would still be alive today and that maybe if I hadn't loved her I wouldn't be hurting so much.
"If only I hadn't told her I lov
:iconanimebaby1223:Animebaby1223 0 0


Tell Me This
Oh, so you're not thin?
Tell me how you're ugly.
Oh, so your hair doesn't look good everyday?
Tell me whose does.
Oh, so you make mistakes?
Tell me who doesn't.
Oh, so you're not a model?
Tell me what the definition of beauty is.
Oh, so you aren't normal?
Tell me what "normal" is.
Oh, so you aren't good enough?
Tell me why.
You can't.
Because there isn't a standard you need to reach to be yourself.
:iconmimibert:Mimibert 187 56
Yes, I am a teenage girl
Yes, I am a teenage girl
No, I don't squeal over One Direction
No, I don't wear mini skirts
No, I don't curl my hair everyday
No, I don't need my phone 24/7
Yes, I am a teenage girl
Yes, I prefer Edward Scissorhands over Edward Cullen
Yes, I like violent video games
Yes, I like action movies
Yes, I listen to Rock
Yes, I am a teenage girl
No, I don't draw hearts all over my homework
No, I don't spend 20 minutes trying to make myself resemble a porcelain doll
No, I'm not afraid to cry
No, I don't party every weekend
Yes, I am a teenage girl
Yes, I hate reality shows
Yes, my hair is short and messy
Yes, I'd rather walk in the woods
Yes, I am okay with mice
Yes, I am a teenage girl
Yes, I'm different
Yes, I'm strange
Yes, I'm my own person
Why is that bad?
Why do you hate me for that?
Why can't I just be myself without your criticism?
Why is it horrible if I'm not just like you?
I don't have a problem with it
Maybe the problem
:iconninjaskillz99:NinjaSkillz99 3,886 2,354
Punk Rock 101
is not a Fashion Statement.
it is not a Political Party.
it is not a Mohawk.
it is not a Bunch of Kids Sneaking Smokes
in a Back Alley.
it is not Abstinence
nor is it Indulgence.
Punk Rock is not a Style of Music.
it is not a classic way of saying
"Fuck You".
it i not the Middle Finger of Society.
it is not a drug.
it is not a cure.
it is not a Brainwashing Agent
Corrupting Our is not the
New Generation Noise Irritating the Old.
it isn't any Generation.
Punk isn't a Label.
it isn't Anything.
it's the Abscence of a Label.
Punk Rock is You.
Punk Rock is Me.
Punk Rock is
you want it to be.
as long as it's your
:iconkurtcobainrevival:KurtCobainRevival 24 12
punk rock girl by EijiSaeki punk rock girl :iconeijisaeki:EijiSaeki 309 47 Punk by SharpShinyDoom Punk :iconsharpshinydoom:SharpShinyDoom 261 36 Black Angel by KatarinaAutumn Black Angel :iconkatarinaautumn:KatarinaAutumn 122 66 When You Play the Game of Thrones... by Itching2Design When You Play the Game of Thrones... :iconitching2design:Itching2Design 311 35 Khal Drogo from ''Game of Thrones'' by kjh311 Khal Drogo from ''Game of Thrones'' :iconkjh311:kjh311 110 6 Game of Thrones by mishka6677 Game of Thrones :iconmishka6677:mishka6677 543 121 Game of Thrones GIF by insanitystudz Game of Thrones GIF :iconinsanitystudz:insanitystudz 437 115 Game of Thrones Daenerys Color by Protokitty Game of Thrones Daenerys Color :iconprotokitty:Protokitty 2,493 53 Chibi commission - MiSTEH 4 by celesse Chibi commission - MiSTEH 4 :iconcelesse:celesse 905 46 We're all mad here by CreativeCurseKina We're all mad here :iconcreativecursekina:CreativeCurseKina 144 20 B.W Alice In Wonderland Tattoo by Lulu-Doom B.W Alice In Wonderland Tattoo :iconlulu-doom:Lulu-Doom 486 3 Alice In Wonderland Tattoo Design by TattooedVampire Alice In Wonderland Tattoo Design :icontattooedvampire:TattooedVampire 33 8
Fall Out Boy Found Poem
Don't worry your head, just go to sleep
When you wake up the world will come around
It's not what it seems in the land of dreams
I went to sleep a poet and I woke up a fraud
To calm your nerves I'm feeling for my clothes in the dark
Which came first?
The music or the misery?
The calm before the storm
Set it off
And the sun burnt out tonight
Reception less than warm
Set it off
You said you'd keep me honest
But I won't call you on it
Are we growing up?
Or just going down?
There's a drug in the thermostat to warm the room up
And there's another around to help us bend your trust
Got a sunset in my veins
And I need to take a pill to make this town feel okay
The best part of believe is the lie
All of the mothers raised their babies
To stay away from me
We will never believe again
Kick drum beating in my chest again
We will never believe again
Preach electric to a microphone stand
I will never believe in anything again
Do you remember the way I held your hand
Under the lamppost and ran home
:iconfantomblayde:FantomBlayde 2 0


People tell me it's just a band or it's just a stupid song. People tell me to just stop being sad. People tell me to just stop being nervous all the time. But don't you dare talk to me about something you will never understand. You don't understand. Stop telling me to just be happy cause I don't know what happy fells like anymore, I've hidden my sadness for too long and I can't anymore. Stop telling me to just not be nervous anymore but I don't know how not to be. And stop telling me it's just a stupid obsession because it's not. You don't know what I go through each day so just stop talking about things you don't understand. You don't know whats made me sad, you don't know why I am nervous, you do not know what that band means to me. You don't know who I am when I don't fake a smile. You never helped me when I needed it, you know who did? That stupid band did. The lyrics reached me when I was in a dark place and pulled me towards the light. When I was contemplating doing things that could potentially hurt others those lyrics stopped me and made me think. You were never there for me when I was hurting. You were never there to stop those who continue to hurt me. Yet you still try to tell me to 'just be happy' and 'it's just a stupid band, stop obsessing over them'. You never helped me in the continuing dark times but they did. I see you every day and get no help, I have never met any of them and they continue to pull me through each day. You don't understand the pain I hold in and take out upon my body but they do. You have never gone through what I have, but they have. You tell me to 'just get over it' They tell me 'just hold on a little longer. It won't last forever'. You don't know of the countless nights I've spent crying. You don't know what it feels like to take a blade to your wrist. You don't know what it fells like to never be good enough for someone. You don't know me so stop trying to. Don't you dare talk to me about something you will never understand


Nikki Wzientek
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5' 5"
Style: Glitter goth (as people call me), Emo, PunkRock
Music Type: Emo/Screamo, Country, Rock and more.
Books: Fantasy, Romance, Tragedy, Science fic. stuff like that


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